Welcome to the GridAKL Tech Cafe. We want to make sure that the experience of being here at the cafe is great for everyone, which means we have a few house rules. Before you get worried, they are nothing too crazy - just a reminder to be mindful of the human next to you really. 

The basics:
By signing up to the Tech Cafe Beta you agree to the terms of use below, and to be added to our GridAKL Tech Cafe weekly newsletter, which will keep you update with the latest news and events. We will never share your details with anyone else.

Terms of Use:

Plug and play
Internet use & device use
The tech-cafe operates with 'plug and play', which means you can bring your laptop or tablet with you and jump on the internet. If you have received your tech cafe internet password we ask that you keep your password private.  When it comes to internet use, please do not download anything that could get you or us into trouble, so only legal work related activity on the internet plz.

Using the internet considerately is going to lead to a better experience for everyone, so maybe download that huge thing you have been wanting at home... 

Consideration and community
Being respectful of others 
Generally, just try and be considerate in your use of the cafe. The cafe will be used by a variety of different sorts of teams and people, from quiet workers to teams wanting to work on an idea together - so bring your headphones for your loud skype sessions! 

We also ask that you do not bring in outside food or coffee, but keep in mind your tech cafe membership allows you to get $3 coffees! 
Space and ammenities
Clean, serene and as you left it 
We love tidy humans! Pop your rubbish in the bins and take your precious possessions with ya when you go. Basically leave the space as close to as it was when you walked in at the beginning of the day.  

Spot something that is broken or needs attention? Be sure to let the Cafe or GridAKL team know. 

Safe and Healthy
Keep safe, and be healthy
Please adhere to the health and safety materials and briefings by the GridAKL and cafe team and report any health and safety issues to the team on the ground. 

Billing for your membership
Join during February 2017 and your membership is on us until March 2017. We will contact all our Tech Cafe members to arrange billing for March 2017 onwards in the last week of February. 

Cancelling your membership
Moving out of town? Heading on to your next phase of your project? Never fear, your Tech Cafe membership is flexible and easy to manage. We only need two weeks notice to cancel memberships, and all you need to do is email Alana@bizdojo.com with the subject line GridAKL Tech Cafe membership cancellation from the email you used to sign up with - easy! We take the date of your email being sent as the first day of your notice.