Back and better than ever. 

This meetup group did a poll of what they should cover in upcoming meetups, 67% of respondents expressed interest in product visions and roadmaps - by far the most popular topic. 

This is understandable - communication is critical to achieving cross-functional goals, and a roadmap is arguably the central artefact in a product manager’s communication toolkit. Yet there’s no rule book for how to do it well in any given environment. 

In this session, Ella Obreja, JJ McConnachie and David Stokes will each provide first-hand insights into how they set direction with roadmaps, and give us some tips on you can assess the effectiveness of the roadmaps at your place.  

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Ella Obreja is Head of Product at Lightbox.

JJ McConnachie is the Advertising Product Manager at Trade Me, and the co-founder of

David Stokes is the co-founder of Velox Innovation and is working with a bunch of cool NZ companies build their innovation capabilities on their way to being market leaders.