With the emergence of crowdfunding sites internationally, entrepreneurs are able to tap into funding options previously unavailable. In New Zealand alone, over a dozen of organisations are offering this service for both profit and nonprofit companies.

People considering crowdfunding as an option to raise money have various options ranging from equity, debt, rewards and even donation funding. Often entrepreneurs are unsure whether crowdfunding is an option for them and are unsure of how to prepare.

Come to this free panel discussion and find out which option is best suited and how you can run successful campaigns both domestically and internationally. Learn which pitfalls are easily avoided and are you ready for crowdfunding?

This event will host a panel discussion that will focus on how New Zealand companies can leverage crowdfunding as investment opportunity. We will host a panel of thought leaders from the tech and crowdfunding sector who look to discuss this contemporary topic and shine light some of the pros and cons.

Hosted by Flavio Hangarter from Massey Ecentre