Auckland Android Community & GDG Auckland 5.30PM

 This event will cover topics from Google IO 2017. It's for mobile developers, ux designers, product managers and product owners. It's a yearly event across the world and our community will be doing the recap on the content of the Google IO 2017 for the
Auckland community. 


Francine Alexander 7PM

Calling all female entrepreneurs! TBA 


Quizzing for Buddies 4PM

Charity Quiz Night has proceeds that are given to Big Buddy - Mentoring Fatherless Boys.
Approx 60 people, entry by ticket only with a bar service being offered (cash bar event), whilst under the supervision of myself (SDW Events) will be managed by Event Production students from Unitec as part of their degree. 


The Design Kids 6PM

The Design Kids in Auckland is to bridge the gap between design students and the professional industry, which enables students to be exposed to the design community. This event includes talks from industry members who educate members and graduates about the professional world. 


Hardware Meetup AKL: Music Wednesday

Hardware Meetup AKL is showcasing some of New Zealand's most exciting products and the founders & engineers who've created them, and in the process is bringing together entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and enthusiasts passionate about building innovative
and commercially viable hardware. This event will be showcasing the latest in Kiwi music and audio hardware.

Severless #11 6PM

People who are interested in learning more about Serverless and want to discuss various technologies that enable serverless computing.


Speakers Tribe 5.30PM

A workshop for entrepreneurs, authors, story tellers, and the general public who want to improve their public speaking skills to and to learn how to master communication for
positive influence.


Start Now: Network, Present and Share any Projects 6PM

For any community, social and commercial projects as well as product innovators, practitioners and investors to meet regularly. People from businesses, organisations and social enterprises welcome. Also for new ventures, community initiatives and innovative companies as well as any entities with projects.