There is a lot of construction happening around GridAKL so we have put together some info to help you navigate your way. Currently Pakenham Street West is closed to cars and pedestrians but you can access the building on foot from the Halsey Street, Pakenham Street West corner! From here you can easily see the main entrance, just look for the round GridAKL sign! 

Keep in mind that Wynyard Quarter operates on a 70/30 split, with 70% of humans expected to come to visit the area using public transport, on foot, bike, scooter, skateboard, interpretive dance, hover board! And the rest in their car. We also understand that its a bit complicated driving here at the moment, and that the precinct has less parking than usual with so many of the streets and therefore street parking out of commission. So keep this in mind when visiting. If you can hop on a bus, or jump in an Uber to visit us do consider this! 

Yay! Your event will more than likely be in one of two places, either the Tech Cafe which you can find straight through the doors from Pakenham Street West or the event space. The event space can be found by turning left as you come through the doors on Pakenham Street West on the ground floor. If you found it tricky to find the event you were after, do not forget to let the event organiser know! We can work with them to make this process easier. 

If you are looking for any of the companies based out of this building head up the stairs to the left of the cafe to level 1. At the top of the stairs, you will find reception, manned by a wonderful human who will point you in the correct direction! 

Map of current road closures


Public transport facilities are being expanded. For example, the City Link bus now includes a circuit of Daldy and Beaumont streets every 8 minutes from Monday to Saturday and connects to services across the region. The #10 service provides an hourly weekday service between Onehunga and Wynyard Quarter via Pt Chevalier, with a 30 minute frequency during peak times. Bike racks are provided and pedestrian and cycling facilities are being upgraded and are a major feature of the Halsey and Daldy streets upgrade to encourage these types of travel.

Visit AT to plan your journey


Central Auckland Cycle Map

We have noted the awesome amount of bike enthusiasts around and this is a movement that we want to support as much as we can. With that in mind we have made sure that Lysaght has a large bike storage area, with over 20 racks, sitting alongside really nice shower and bathroom facilities.


Have you thought about purchasing a scooter?  The Council offers free designated parking for motorbikes and scooters in all its car parking buildings. The council also tends to have a relaxed approach to parking motorbikes and scooters in laneways and on footpaths as long as they are out of the movement of pedestrians.