We are just getting started,  it is our vision that GridAKL will be an innovation precinct that cements Auckland's position as a major Asia-Pacific hub and showcase of innovation in the high-tech industries. Creating, attracting and growing world-class research, talent and technology-based ventures.


Soon, an incredible new building, under the working name “Innovation 5A”, will open. At 8,500m2, this will allow us to host much larger companies, and complete the first phase of the vision. Beyond that, many more buildings will open in the precinct block, linked by laneways, cafes and bars, creating a complete, living, thriving place.

More about Innovation 5A - 12 Madden Street

The new 8,500m2 building at 12 Madden Street is the centre piece of GridAKL. It goes beyond a traditional office development seeking to create an environment in which innovative businesses can thrive. The diversity of tenant accommodation in this building provides real opportunity for businesses to be collaborative and to leverage opportunities to innovate by providing:

  • Two floors of corporate tenancy for an innovative corporate business wishing to play a central role in the innovation precinct
  • One floor of flexible tenancies with shared amenities for up to eight SME’s
  • One and half floors of co-working spaces for upwards of 25 start-up businesses

Businesses at GridAKL will benefit from:

  • Opportunities to collaborate and network with other innovative businesses, transferring knowledge, skills, resources and expertise
  • Showcasing of the latest innovations
  • Being at the forefront of the latest innovative thinking through an events and activation programmes
  • Enhanced capability building through business mentoring and talent programmes
  • Access to capital and investor networks