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  • Toto’s Montecristo Room (map)
  • 53 Nelson St
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1010
  • New Zealand


Refactoring is a concept that describes the process of changing a software system. Refactoring fixes the internal structure so that, externally, the system works much better.  It's not about adding new features, but about reconstructing and improving what's already there.

We want to keep improving the New Zealand tech industry by inspiring women to not only stay in it but get to the top — running teams, in board positions, on the speaker line-ups at conferences, and as visible leaders to inspire an incoming generation of smart women.

Speaker profiles

Nathalie Morris

Nathalie was brought up in the era of the government’s “girls can do anything” campaign. After her dad bought her sister and her a Vic 20 computer. Despite never getting past about 100 lines of BASIC programming and a roundabout career path that included being a policy analyst for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and a Sales Rep for a newspaper group, 15 years ago Nathalie co-founded Ubiquity, which develops software for marketing. Their Engage software platform is used by some of New Zealand’s largest organisations including insurance companies and telcos to manage data-driven digital marketing. Nathalie leads a team of 55 talented people who work both on the development of the platform and providing consultancy services to their clients.  

Tracey Lee

Tracey Lee has been building brands and creating conversations, culture and communities as a Brand Strategist for 20 years. Tracey has worked in New York and Shanghai on brands like Absolut, British Airways, Johnnie Walker and The Coca Cola Company; her work has been recognised with Gold Effectiveness Awards in the US, UK and Asia. Returning to New Zealand, Tracey Lee has been wilfully applying her strategic skills to make an impact – for NZ brands, start-ups, exporters, social platforms and public initiatives.

Jayne Ihaka

Jayne Ihaka is a recent science and commerce graduate from Victoria. By day she works in ANZ's digital channels team, looking after banking products for large corporates and multinationals. When she's not busy being a digital banking geek, Jayne is keen on hiking, diving and Rubik's cubes. Her latest obsession is learning about graphs (networks) and how they can help us visualise and analyse the world. 

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 6 – 8:30pm

Toto’s Montecristo Room,
53 Nelson Street, Auckland CBD

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