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Venture Up is your chance to stand out from the crowd 

A full immersion entrepreneurship accelerator for 16-24 year olds. Based on the Lightning Lab accelerator programme. Running full time for six weeks during the NZ summer holidays. This is full-on experiential learning, designed to get real results fast. Following the success of the pilot programme in 2015, Venture Up is now funded for a further three years of activity aimed at our youngest entrepreneurs. 

 Venture Up is run by the best entrepreneurs, professionals & expert mentors 

Young Enterprise Trust and Creative HQ collaborated to develop the pilot programme. Founding sponsors Wellington City Council and Victoria University’s Design School helped make it a reality. Venture Up is delivered by start-up specialists Creative HQ and draws from their vast experience and network of entrepreneurial experts and business leaders. Subsequent funding from the Ministry of Youth Development and Callaghan Innovation enable the development and delivery of the ongoing programmes. Enter the Roadshow! 

Venture Up is going on the road 

Through a series of FREE one-day workshops in nine centres across the nation, we’ll be bringing a taste of Venture Up to 600 young people. The Creative HQ team are partnering with local learning institutions and innovation hubs across the country to provide an awesome experience through fast learning. Participants will be exposed to key elements ‘hands on’, taking away tools and learnings they can apply to business thinking or personal development right away.