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Who is Jimmy? 
Jimmy Janlén is an agile coach and teacher at Crisp in Stockholm. At the moment he is working as an agile enterprise coach at Plain Vanilla in Reykjavik Iceland. However he is currently on holiday in NZ and we’ve kidnapped him for a couple of weeks so that we can extract as much from him as possible while he’s here. There’s also a good chance he’ll be back and working with Nomad8 later in the year if he moves to New Zealand.

So what is this breakfast event?
We’re inviting a select group of people to join us for “Breakfast with Jimmy”.  Following on from the Agile Auckland presentation earlier in the week, this is an opportunity to meet Jimmy, hear about what he’s been doing, ask lots of questions and also have breakfast, coffee and good conversations.

What will Jimmy talk about?
Jimmy has been working as a coach with Spotify and Plain Vanilla. He has gained some excellent experience and has some great stories to tell. Over breakfast he will share some of his learnings and gossip from the North. If you need more detail, here it is - he will (probably) also speak about:

- How do Spotify and Plain Vanilla continue to improve their products at great speed, while growing the number of users, employees and supported platforms and devices? 
- How did Plain Vanilla grow from 20 to 75 people in 2 years and retain their Agile culture?
- How do Spotify and Plain Vanilla combine autonomy and empowerment with corporate alignment? 
- How do they run big projects spreading across teams and departments? 

When and Where?
23 June: 7.30 - 9.30am