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  • GridAKL Hub - Event Space Ground Floor (map)
  • 132 Halsey St
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1010
  • New Zealand


The world we operate in is increasingly an online one, which provides great benefits and advances such as the IoT, access to the Cloud and insights from Big Data. But also increases the risks.

Here’s what we know:
New Zealand businesses are at risk and SME’s are not immune. Recent UK research showed that 60% of small businesses had suffered a malicious cyber breach in the previous year. 

We’re looking at increasing levels of cyber-crime and ransomware, intellectual property theft and cyber hacktivism through to major cyber-attacks including espionage and disruption.

It’s difficult to identify attackers, and they can operate from any location, worldwide. So we need to ensure we are as secure and cyber-wise as possible. New Zealand’s geographical location is no protection.
While many small businesses are clued up when it comes to cyber security, many others remain completely unaware of the risk.

The event
The Connect Smart partnership is running a discussion group, in conjunction with GridAKL. We would like your help putting together a toolkit for New Zealand SMEs, to help them manage the risk and have a plan in place. We’d like to have a discussion with you and get your advice around: how do we make it simple and easy for small businesses? What is your experience? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked? What risks have you seen? 
We’ll also share some of the insights and knowledge we have around international cyber security trends – the implications for New Zealand and how the government and private sector are working together to ensure that New Zealanders are safe, secure and empowered online.

We’ll bring some experts to you…

  • Heather Ward, Principal Advisor, National Cyber Policy Office
  • Ryan Cotterell, Head of Information Security, ASB
  • Dave Eaton, Chief Technologist, HP

We’ll hold a general discussion and provide free pizza and beverages for your time!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (NZST)

GridAKL Hub Event Space, Groundfloor, 132 Halsey Street, Wynard Quarter, Auckland 

RSVP and more info: Via Eventbrite