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What: Complexity is increasing everywhere. We are living on a planet that is more and more interconnected. As a result we are seeing complex challenges at multiple levels in our communities, our country and the wider ecological systems we depend on.

The same thinking that got us there isn’t going to imagine the alternatives that are needed. Social innovation labs are a response to wicked problems, and New Zealand is just beginning to embrace the possibilities.

Zaid Hassan, author of Social Labs Revolution, is visiting New Zealand in October.

The Ākina Foundation, Lifehack and Enspiral invite you to join Zaid to find out more about his work and experiences, and to connect with people from all sectors. The Lifehack team will also be sharing an update on their experience of running Lifehack Labs during August and September.

When: October 21 2014 6pm - 8pm

Where: GridAKL Corner Event Space (Entrance through sliding door on Halsey Street, entrance will be sign posted)

RSVP: Tickets are $25 and includes canapés and refreshments for more information and to book your ticket click here