BizDojo @ GridAKL

" From a business development point of view I've found that moving from a home office to having BizDojo @ GridAKL as a base of operations has really helped me close more prospects and raise the identity of the business to a new level. When I'm meeting prospects in the space as opposed to at a cafe or at home I've found it's added a new dimension to how potential clients view the business and what we offer." 

Jason Fishwick - Elemental


A place for you to start your idea or build your startup
Taking the glimpse of an idea and shaping it into a real-life product or service can be a tricky feat. So how do you get to where you need to go? By being around a community, learning opportunities, events, networking that can help you get there.

GridAKL at Lysaght is not just for teams, providing a great spot for freelancers, contractors, one man bands or people wanting to start something on their own. By joining our coworking space, BizDojo @ GridAKL you get an instant community, filled with the sort of connections and smart people you need to get going. 

Lots of ways to learn at BizDojo @ GridAKL
From getting one on one time with visiting experts, through to chatting over your problem with the person next to you - there are plenty of chances to learn at GridAKL. The team from BizDojo @ GridAKL provide programs for learning and networking opportunities paired with the ability to connect you in with the right people at the right time to take your ideas to the next level. 

A thriving event space and GridAKL Tech Cafe means there are plenty of chances to network, share and learn at a variety of meetups and events covering subject matter perfect for the startup, tech, design and innovation community. 


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Membership options that work for you  
On Level 1 of the GridAKL Lysaght building, you will find our coworking space. Operated by the folks from BizDojo, BizDojo @ GridAKL has options covering everything from a more traditional hot-desk set for a couple of days a week priced from $299 per month, right up to solutions for bigger teams. 

Not quite ready for a desk at BizDojo @ GridAKL?
Currently, in BETA, a GridAKL Tech Cafe Membership allows you to grab a spot in our cafe space on the ground floor of the Lysaght building. Plug in your computer, hop on the wi-fi and enjoy your coffee discount while you work away on your big idea. 

Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm - a GridAKL Tech Cafe membership is a perfect entry level way to join the fun at GridAKL. 

BizDojo @ GridAKL Coworking Space, level 1, 101 Pakenham Street West, Auckland, New Zealand